Customer service basics can make all the difference (part 2)

In the first part of this two-part article I dealt with some examples of keeping the customer informed and managing their expectations. There’s a common theme emerging in both those and the following examples of basic customer service – and my experiences over the post-Christmas period emphasised this: Communication is everything Here’s the remaining four … Continue reading Customer service basics can make all the difference (part 2)

Hello and welcome

It seems only right that since my last piece was on the on the importance of saying goodbye, I should deal with the even more important area of a good welcome. Feeling like you are a valued customer from the moment you enter anyone’s premises – and that includes online premises – taps into a … Continue reading Hello and welcome

My week in CX #9

In  a week in which my customer experiences revolve around eating, I give some feedback, find out how much my advice is worth, eat far too much pizza and receive more communication from the mysterious Amy Ingram... Expectation Gap Through a combination of laziness and the fact that I get a regular stream of email … Continue reading My week in CX #9

My week in CX #2

It's been a good week for my own experiences as a customer covering everything from pubs to running, although not at the same time. Let's start with the running... Runner's needs met? Lately I've been dogged by a pain in my heel, most noticeable when running and I think I can attribute it to some … Continue reading My week in CX #2