Dealing with dead cats

The "dead cat" strategy - dropping an outrageous or provocative topic into the conversation to divert attention away from a difficult subject you don't want to talk about -was much in evidence in the recent UK General Election. However, dead cats - controversial, difficult, or hard-to-solve problems - litter most organisations, diverting attention away from … Continue reading Dealing with dead cats

Business planning, composition and jazz

It's possible to get hung up on detail and precision when writing a business plan, a bit like writing a piece of classical music. In fact, business planning is more like writing music for jazz musicians: less detail and space to improvise.

The boring stuff… and why it’s really important

In this short - and hopefully not boring - video I offer a cure for what could be termed "Founders Syndrome" - a focus on the core mission and purpose that can obscure the dull but necessary tasks required to help the organisation grow.