Business planning, composition and jazz

It's possible to get hung up on detail and precision when writing a business plan, a bit like writing a piece of classical music. In fact, business planning is more like writing music for jazz musicians: less detail and space to improvise.

My week in CX #10

There's only so much pizza a man can take in the interests of customer experience and so this week my Pizza Express odyssey comes to a (satisfactory) conclusion. In other news, my local arts centre makes me yearn for a bit of NPS and decide to call time on the weekly reports. A pizza my … Continue reading My week in CX #10

My week in CX #6

In which this runner's customer journey comes to a standstill, a national institution gets quite matey and an orchestra prompts new thoughts about customer experience. Runners need a rest from feedback After grumping last week about Runnersneed's tardiness in responding to my feedback I received an email from the branch manager in which he clarified … Continue reading My week in CX #6

My week in CX #4

There's quite a bit in this week's cavalcade of customer fun that relates to healthcare and queuing so it seems entirely appropriate to dust off a jazz-rock-fusion classic from my vinyl collection for this week's photo. Meanwhile, some of the recent sagas come to a close (and some don't) and everybody seems to want my feedback. Street end-of-life … Continue reading My week in CX #4

My week in CX #3

Some of last week's less positive stories look like they could turn into long-running sagas, but there's still some good ones amongst the purveyors of low-level annoyance - including a cautionary tale from the school of rock on how I let my own 'customers' down... Man in the mirror Having finally had quotes from a couple … Continue reading My week in CX #3