The boring stuff… and why it’s really important

In this short - and hopefully not boring - video I offer a cure for what could be termed "Founders Syndrome" - a focus on the core mission and purpose that can obscure the dull but necessary tasks required to help the organisation grow.

The Power of No (video)

In this video I discuss how saying no can aid you in your business planning and your personal productivity by providing an opportunity to focus and prioritise. I also share two simple techniques to help you have more productive planning conversations.

The power of No

In a sea of endless possibility, discover the power of not doing something A while ago a business associate and I were discussing a joint venture we had planned to do. Reviewing our various activities over the coming months we decided there was no way we were going to be able to do what we’d … Continue reading The power of No

Most strategies don’t work! Here’s how to have one that does

Most organisations have a strategy, and many devote some of the best and smartest brains in the organisation to developing and implementing it. Almost all of this falls short in some way or other. So, is strategy failing to deliver? In their new book “Beyond Default: Setting Your Organization on a Trajectory to an Improved … Continue reading Most strategies don’t work! Here’s how to have one that does