Ryanair has a customer-centric approach, but it’s not what you think

I recently co-wrote a report on customer-centric strategy for NextTen – more on that later – that included Ryanair as a (positive) case study. The recent problems with pilot scheduling might cause me to make a hasty edit – but I think not: Ryanair is thoroughly customer-focused, but their low-cost approach illustrates the challenges of maintaining … Continue reading Ryanair has a customer-centric approach, but it’s not what you think

My week in CX #10

There's only so much pizza a man can take in the interests of customer experience and so this week my Pizza Express odyssey comes to a (satisfactory) conclusion. In other news, my local arts centre makes me yearn for a bit of NPS and decide to call time on the weekly reports. A pizza my … Continue reading My week in CX #10

My week in CX #5

In a week of customer experience lunches I re-discover that it pays to complain, get creative online and wish more people were like the #timetunneltrain driver. Whole lotta lunch Fay Maschler, restaurant critic of the Evening Standard publishes a diary of what we might call her meets and eats alongside her weekly review. Mine lunch … Continue reading My week in CX #5

Mobile Mayhem again – Service Smackdown 2 (the re-match)

After awarding the T-Mobile:BT bout to T-Mobile recently it seems only fair to reconsider their service superiority after reading this horror story from previously-satisfied customer and sometime blogger with The Independent Nat Guest. A great example of how to write complaints and a really superb example of how not to act as a service provider when you mess up.