Arts and non-profit organisations

Making change happen in charities and arts organisations can be an interesting challenge. Compared with commercial companies, non-profits often have a clearer sense of purpose and attract people motivated by that purpose. That’s not always enough to get the job done though: resources are tight and as a result specialist support with skills to plan and deliver change is scarce.

Image: rawpixel from Pixabay

That’s where Open Chord can help: by providing business strategy and planning support that’s tailored to your needs and resources, and that harnesses the creative energy and drive of your organisation we can help you step up confidently to meet the challenges of growth and change.

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Nick is incredibly organised and his planning, problem solving, calmness and communication with us and all the major stakeholders has made this project and development structured, smooth and joyful.  He is a real expert and fantastic to work with.  

Sahana Gero MBE, Artistic Director World Heart Beat