From foggy to focused

Sometimes it seems like we’re always saying the same things about change: the world is getting more complex, the pace of change is increasing, we don’t know how to deal with the rapid developments of technology and the impact on our customer base.

And we’re facing what seems like an increasingly unstable and uncertain political, social and economic environment.

Change – or same old, same old?

Cliché – or the truth?

Whatever your view, if you’re a leader with responsibility for delivering change you’ll most likely face questions such as:

  • how do I best channel scarce resources to deal with change?
  • how do I plan for an uncertain future?
  • how do I bring people with me on the journey?

and, critically

  • who are my future customers and what do they want?

Left unaddressed, these issues can create ‘drift’ in an organisation. When this happens, scarce resources are not effectively deployed, there’s overlap between different teams and vital changes don’t get made. And, moreover, customers lose their sense of what made you special and start to look elsewhere.

Today’s pressing job of leading change in an organisation and working out what to do first – as well as what not to do – can sometimes seem as challenging as trying to knit fog…

Open Chord’s KnittingFog approach provides you with the tools and support to cut through the fog of change and create clear plans, align resources around them and then execute them brilliantly.

Born of many years’ experience creating and delivering change initiatives for organisations of all shapes and sizes, KnittingFog can help you:

  • simplify complex and ambiguous situations and turn them into practical strategies and plans with clear business benefits
  • involve people in change through effective communication
  • identify what will excite and inspire your customers and your people.

To find out more about how we can help please get in touch for an initial conversation.