Towels and farewells

Towel Day has passed me by in the last few years (actually it's passed me by since its inception) but I noticed it last week and as it reminded of a towel-related customer experience I'd intended to write something and shamelessly exploit the hashtag for a link or two. In the end a mild virus … Continue reading Towels and farewells

My week in CX #4

There's quite a bit in this week's cavalcade of customer fun that relates to healthcare and queuing so it seems entirely appropriate to dust off a jazz-rock-fusion classic from my vinyl collection for this week's photo. Meanwhile, some of the recent sagas come to a close (and some don't) and everybody seems to want my feedback. Street end-of-life … Continue reading My week in CX #4

Five key questions to check if you have OCXD

They say you should never start with an apology - but let's break that rule: apologies in advance to anyone reading this who does actually suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). This post is not intended to trivialise a serious mental health condition but Obsessive Customer Experience Disorder (OCXD) seems like a good way of characterising my own … Continue reading Five key questions to check if you have OCXD