Business innovation 3) Innovation and creativity – part 2: practicalities

Most organisations suffer from a wariness of creativity stemming from the myths that I outlined last week. As a consequence, organisations typically don’t set out in an intentional and systematic way to build and maintain their creativity – and this is a wasted opportunity.

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Business Innovation 2) Innovation and creativity – part 1: myths

Tool for occasional creativity

You can’t have innovation in your organisation without building and fostering creativity. Unfortunately too many people think creativity is something that is rationed or should be carefully deployed.

This thinking is un-helpful to say the least and stems from a number of myths about creativity.

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Improve service: get ideas from anywhere?

Plenty of ideas in this crowd?

Asking your customers for suggestions seems like a great way to improve your services or products. Two recent items I came across suggest it’s not something you should do without clearly thinking through what you are trying to achieve.

Report 103 is an excellent newsletter from Jeffrey Baumgartner on applied creativity and ideas in business and this week’s edition follows on nicely from my previous post about feedback. If you buy the idea that customer feedback is a rich source of service improvement ideas then proactively soliciting ideas from your customers (and non-customers) seems like an even better idea. Continue reading “Improve service: get ideas from anywhere?”