Is poor service letting down your social media strategy?

According to a recent survey it is – but fixing it requires commitment across the whole organisation Whatever you may think about Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, their ethics or market capitalisation, social media companies are not about to disappear as a channel through which brands can connect with the current or future customers. But success … Continue reading Is poor service letting down your social media strategy?

Webinar: Bringing CX into the boardroom

In this informative webinar, produced by professional networking organisation InTouch, NextTen's director of delivery Nick Bush offers some useful advice on how to power up boardroom discussions by putting the customer at the centre. { "channelId" : 14157, "language": "en-US", "commId" : 340636, "displayMode" : "standalone", "height" : "auto" }

Whose clock are you on?

Customer journey designs ignore the customer clock at their peril Unless you’re afflicted by a particular neurosis you probably don’t spend every minute of the day counting down the time to your demise and wondering how you’re going to spend it. Yet time-efficiency and utilisation are beloved of management consultants, personal growth coaches, line managers … Continue reading Whose clock are you on?