Become genuinely customer-centric

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve read all the articles and papers that reinforce what you’ve always believed – that businesses that put their customers at the centre of what they do are more likely to be successful. You’ve got a responsibility for delivering a great customer experience, but you’re still frustrated that the rest of the organisation doesn’t seem to share your conviction and, as a result, efforts to move the dial on customer measures are under-resource or under-funded don’t have the impact they should.

If that’s a familiar situation, I’m here to help. I know that a better way of doing business is possible: one that is genuinely driven by customers, treats its people with respect and recognises its obligation to contribute to society – and, as a result, will generate better outcomes for its stakeholders.

For this to happen, it must start with the customer

I’m on a mission to help build genuinely customer-centric businesses and I’m bringing four decades of work in customer experience, business strategy, change management and technology to bear on the issue.

Consulting, without the claptrap

I offer services to help your organisation change its ways of working to deliver better results for its current and future customers – and link those to clear improvements in the standard measures of business performance.

Using my Spotlight approach, I can help

  • re-invigorate your strategy
  • uncover the gaps in your customers’ experience
  • provide clear, implementable action plans that deliver business results

typically in a short, concentrated assignment.

And because my experience – working across all kinds of organisations including telcos, banks and not-for-profit – covers management and consulting, I have an approach that’s direct and free of consultancy jargon.

If you’d like to discuss how I can help your business improve its performance by becoming genuinely customer-centric, please contact me to arrange an initial, no-obligation discussion.