Superior service examples: introduction and warning

There are many stories

This category features stories of organisations which have provided me and other contributors with a good example of superior service. Where possible I will provide feedback to the organisation in question and, if they are willing (they should be!), I will share with you the critical success factors they have put in place to deliver superior service.

But first a warning: one of the things this thread will do from time to time is to make specious and unfair comparisons between two different organisations in the same or related industries. This isn’t intellectual laziness on my part: I do it to show what one organisation can deliver that another can’t and to draw out the differences between them. My contention is that although comparisons could be dismissed on the grounds that, say, Company A charges higher prices than Company B or Organisation X has a better location than Organisation Y, these points are irrelevant as it is often some very specific actions that will ensure that the superior organisation remains that way.

So, be prepared for the occasional glib comparison and let’s see what emerges!

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