Change – for the customers’ sake!

Like successful sports teams who focus all their efforts on making the canoe/bicycle/runner go faster, the hallmark of successful change programmes is a relentless focus on what’s important. Whilst this will usually include the reduction of costs and/or business growth, Customer-Motivated Change ensures that these goals are delivered as a consequence of delivering benefits for the customer.

Customer-Motivated Change builds on the disciplines of successful change management practice – effective leadership, stakeholder management and engagement at all levels allied with rigorous project management – and aligns these firmly with the provision of a superior service for the customer. Putting the customer at the centre of change efforts means that two important things happen:

  • Previously un-discussable questions about which customers to focus on, what they value and what value they bring to the business get surfaced and resolved.
  • Anything not directly related to superior customer service can be dropped, meaning that change initiatives get leaner and deliver benefits faster.

Customer-Motivated Change complements the development of Customer Experience Strategy and Channel Transformation plans and covers:

  • Engaging staff to become genuinely customer-motivated.
  • Implementing customer journeys with touch points that deliver superior customer service.
  • Roll-out of new customer-centric operating models.
  • Identifying quick wins by challenging the accepted behaviours and processes used in service provision.
  • Involving IT for realistic solutions delivery.

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