Are your channels open for business?

Channels to market evolve over time and are often developed to take advantage of new technologies. It’s rare that thought is given to optimising or integrating these channels before or even after they have been developed. The experience of different channels from a customer’s view point can often make it feel like they are dealing with different companies.

Integrating the channels and optimising them around what customers want to achieve will deliver improved satisfaction and reduced operating cost. A channel transformation programme provides a clear framework and roadmap to achieve this.

Channel transformation addresses three related areas:

  • Customer behaviour – what is the customer’s current and future behaviour in relation to different channels? Which customer journeys can be significantly improved by deploying new technology or existing technology in different ways?
  • Channel strategy – what is the best way to capitalise on developments in channel technology? How should the different channels integrate for the benefit of the customer? What initiatives are needed to deliver integration and optimisation?
  • Costs, timescales and benefits – for each of the initiatives within the strategy what is the business case and what are the timescales for delivery?

By working with key stakeholders and customer representatives over a period of a few weeks an actionable strategy for transforming channels can be delivered together with high-level implementation plans and supporting business cases.

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