My week in CX #3

Some of last week's less positive stories look like they could turn into long-running sagas, but there's still some good ones amongst the purveyors of low-level annoyance - including a cautionary tale from the school of rock on how I let my own 'customers' down... Man in the mirror Having finally had quotes from a couple … Continue reading My week in CX #3

My week in CX #2

It's been a good week for my own experiences as a customer covering everything from pubs to running, although not at the same time. Let's start with the running... Runner's needs met? Lately I've been dogged by a pain in my heel, most noticeable when running and I think I can attribute it to some … Continue reading My week in CX #2

My week in CX

Beginning a regular review of my own good, bad and indifferent customer experiences, in the past week. If this seems like an unnecessary insight into my fabulous life then apologies but, as Socrates almost said, 'the unexamined customer experience is not worth having'. Here we go with some highlights and lowlights... Winging it Some kind … Continue reading My week in CX